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Author PS Wells

You Can Write Right Now

You Can Write Right Now

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You want to write a book. Now what?

Ever wish you had a professional writer to help you write your book? You have a message worth sharing, and I can guide you through the creative process of turning your idea into words on paper. You can do this, and I’ll show you how.

I’m PeggySue Wells, bestselling author of 40 titles and collaborator for many more. People contact me all the time, wanting to know how to write the story they want to share with the world. You Can Write Right Now Workshop is your opportunity to stop struggling with what you don’t know and make your dream of writing a book your reality.

You Can Write Right Now Workshop gives teens and adults the tools to craft your message into a manuscript.

Perhaps you have a manuscript in process. You Can Write Right Now Workshop infuses new energy and vision to help you complete your project.

In the You Can Write Right Now Workshop you will learn

1.) There are many writing genres to choose from. Which format is best for your message?

2.) Two ways to begin writing your book.

3.) Three essential elements you must have for a compelling story.

4.) How to format your manuscript to industry standards.

5.) How to begin, and keep the words coming. 

View for free the first video, On Your Mark, Get Set, Write to get a flavor for the content designed to move your forward in your writing skills.

Next, learn how to pen pivotal plots, craft creative characters, shape sensational settings, draft dynamic dialog, and keep writing until the words The End.

What others are saying:

“PeggySue’s ability to connect through her written word is inspiring, but her ability to connect in conversation, coaching, teaching, and training truly sets her apart.” ~ Garry

“PeggySue Wells is not a teacher, she is an awakener.” ~ Mary

“PeggySue Wells is an amazing motivator!” ~ Karen

No matter where you are with your writing, you are invited to this free You Can Write Right Now Workshop. I’ll teach you industry standards and craft essentials to take you to the next level in your writing journey.

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