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Author PS Wells

The Patent: Paperback

The Patent: Paperback

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In this action adventure novel, one weapon makes your enemy invincible. One small town patent attorney stands between America’s enemies and world dominance.

In the race for world dominance, the nation that develops a small town patent attorney’s invention will be militarily invincible. When America’s enemies steal the plans and kidnap the inventor, Marc Wayne must find a way of escape before his captors realize the invention is theoretical. Or is it?

A team of FBI agents, led by young Mallory Wayne, strive to trace the stolen patent only to find its author – her brother – has disappeared. As time runs out, can she outwit those on the verge of world power? Can she save her only family member?

The Patent is a fast-paced action adventure novel sure to keep you turning pages.

“Opposite worlds and conflicting desires clash in this action-packed, page-turning suspense.”

~ Richard Paul Evans
#1 New York Times Bestselling Author
The Christmas Box and The Walk

The Patent is also available in paperback

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