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Author PS Wells

Homeless for the Holidays: Paperback

Homeless for the Holidays: Paperback

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Christmas is coming, and Jack Baker’s finances, friends, and future are as gone as last year’s holiday. One year ago, Jack Baker had it all—a beautiful family, a lucrative career, and a generous bonus to spend on the annual Baker family Christmas extravaganza. Now the Bakers are homeless, and clueless about what to do next. Amidst the holiday traditions and trappings, one family learns what is truly important when they lose all they have and find they have everything.

What Others Are Saying About Homeless For The Holidays

“Gladdening and humorous assurance that the best things in life have nothing to do with things. Add this heartwarming story to your favorite holiday traditions.” —Richard Paul Evans, #1 New York Times Bestselling Author of 43 books including The Christmas Box.

Most of the world is one paycheck from poverty. If you have been to the brink, skated near to losing it all, or wondered how someone ended up in such a hard place, you will cheer, cry, and feel with each member of the Baker family. Homeless for the Holidays helps you think through, pray through, and navigate your own life's priorities. If you want the holidays and life's everydays to reflect what is most meaningful, this is the book for you--and all those you love. --Pam Farrel, author of forty-five books including bestselling Men Are Like Waffes, Women are Like Spaghetti, Ten Best Decisions A Parent Can Make, and Ten Best Decisions A Couple Can Make.

Homeless for the Holidays updates the timeless script from the classic film, It's A Wonderful Life in a way that is bluntly honest, deeply moving, and scary. ˝it is the story of a family sacrificing everything they hold dear only to discover something that is really worth holding onto. Because what happened to the Bakers happens to hundreds each week across the country, this novel is not just inspiring and uplifting, it is an important testament to the fragile times in which we live and why the love of family is more vital now than ever. --Ace Collins, award-winning author of ninety books including the In the President's Service series.

Warms the Heart

A true-to-life story that left me full of emotion, long after I turned the last page. the Bakers could easily be you or me. When tragedy strikes, the family experiences a long road of heartache that transforms their hearts to reflect the true spirit of Christmas. A touching holiday story of redemption that will please readers, both young and old. --Ginny Hartman, international bestselling author of historical romance including the Ladies of Deception series and The Unconventional Suitors series.

I admit–I am a Christmas-aholic! Homeless for the Holidays warms the heart, and reminds us where joy comes from and how to share that joy with others. Buy copies for the people in your life who are struggling with Ynding the joy of the season. --Carol McLeod, best-selling author of nine books including Pass the Joy, Please and Guide Your Mind, Guard Your Heart, Grace Your Tongue.

Also Available In Audio

Homeless for the Holidays is a poignant but delightful story of a family who, through no fault of their own, loses everything they once thought mattered--only to find those things that truly do. I thoroughly enjoyed this book and recommend it wholeheartedly to anyone who enjoys characters with heart and stories with a purpose. --Kathi Macias, award-winning author of more than fifty books, including Unexpected Christmas Hero.

Traumatic losses like job termination, mounting debt, family tension, hopelessness, and depression can be closer to home than we think. PeggySue Wells does a masterful job telling this story of burgeoning trials that compel a family to seek the silver lining in every circumstance. Readers will value the life lesson that we learn what matters most when we have endured some of the most painful scenarios imaginable. --Michele Howe, author of twenty-one books including Navigating the Friendship Maze.

Homeless for the Holidays is also available in audio, read by voice actor Katie Leigh

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